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Counseling in Greenville, NC

If the last few years have taught us anything it’s that life can knock you down and then knock you down again. If you’re anything like me you were getting knocked down in many different settings because you play many different roles. If it wasn’t something with the spouse it was the kids. If it wasn’t something with the kids it was work and so on and so on.

Exhausting right?! At ZOE Mental Wholeness Clinic I aim to help you learn to sift through all of the noise and chaos that can so easily become our lives and find peace again. From my experience, regaining this peace leads to you also rediscovering who you are now at this point in your life’s journey.

You find yourself always on the back burner which may have caused some issues in life…


Maybe you suffer with feeling run down & overly stressed​

When was the last time you remember not having a million worries running through your head? Worrying about the bills, the kids, your relationships, your career, your health…the list truly goes on and on. Thinking thoughts like “Am I good enough?” “Am I always going to be this way?” “Am I crazy?” When do you remember not feeling a constant sense of being overwhelmed? It’s probably been a while right?


Maybe you suffer with sadness

You just don’t feel motivated to do much besides maybe watch tv…or I mean, blank stare at the tv, right? You used to love doing things like spending time with your loved ones, maybe going to your favorite restaurant and just enjoying a fun night out with friends. Now when someone asks you to go anywhere or do anything you’re scrambling for an excuse or maybe you have classic ones already ready (“I’m really busy” or “I have this work thing” and on and on). Been a while since you’ve been your bubbly, loving, fun self right?


Maybe you’ve been surviving life with alcohol

You can’t understand how you got to this point. You’re drinking everyday just to get by. It started as a way to unwind from the stress, but as the stress mounted so did the drinking. Your drinking has become something you’re ashamed of. It’s something you hide from everyone now. You think, if they knew how much I was drinking they would think…[your mind inserts something horrible here]. When do you remember not solving your problems with a drink? Been too long right?


Maybe you’ve been struggling with reconciling your faith alongside your mental health struggles

You can’t understand how with a faith that states you have the victory you can be struggling with mental health issues such as anxiety or depression or even addiction. You’ve prayed, you’ve read the Word, but still you’re feeling lost, confused and don’t really know where to turn. Maybe you’ve received mixed messages from other Christians about therapy…to go, not to go…so many opinions. Wouldn’t it be great to be settled in your mind as well as your spirit?

How can I help you find that spark again? That happiness, peace & confidence​?

What ZOE Offers…

Individual Counseling

We meet one-on-one for 30 to 6o minutes to begin a deep dive into what is causing you distress and stopping you from living your best life. I’ll help you learn how to identify the things causing you distress and also how to address them. It’s your private space to be vulnerable and real so you can find healing.

Group Therapy​

You meet in groups of up to 12 individuals discussing topics relevant to your struggle. Groups offer a unique way of healing through the support and assurance from others who know what it’s like to walk a journey similar to yours.

Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change” – Jim Rohn

My name is Shyla, and I can Help

I love Jesus with everything within me and I know the changing power He can bring. I use this knowledge combined with years of lived experience, work experience, training and schooling to help you figure out what’s paining you and also what’s hindering your greatness. I help walk alongside you through difficult life moments while also pushing you into the you you want to be both mentally and spiritually. So, if you’re ready to work, so am I! Contact me today for a free 15 minute virtual consultation so we can see if we click.

Ready for change?

Therapy for the Stressed & Overwhelmed in Greenville, NC

Together we can beat this. Get started today.