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Depression Counseling

Depression Counseling in Greenville, NC

If suicidal thoughts are present, call 911 immediately or have someone take you to the nearest emergency room if you are worried about yourself or a loved one taking their own life.

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Recently you’ve just been really sad. All the time. Sad.

You feel empty inside, like what’s the point? You don’t hang out with anyone anymore which isn’t like you. Being asked to go out and hang with friends or family is actually kind of terrifying for many reasons. You look in the mirror and don’t even recognize yourself. Who is this person? You’ve stopped eating regularly. You barely shower or brush your teeth. The thought of doing even basic things is exhausting. You feel like you’re failing everything and everyone. This all seems pointless. You think everyone and everything would be better if you just weren’t here anymore. You wish you could just go to sleep and not wake up.

I get it. You’ve hit a dark, scary, and lonely place.

But you know what I also get? There is…


You can find healing and peace again. What else do you have to lose?

Who Does Depression Affect?

It’s always good to know you’re not alone…depression statistics & further reading found HERE

Globally, it is estimated that 5% of adults suffer from depression
Approximately 280 million people in the world have depression
Depression is a leading cause of disability worldwide
More women are affected by depression than men
Depression can lead to suicide

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Therapy for Sadness & Depression in Greenville, NC

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